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    I hate Deangelo Hall but I think we tell him "we either cut you and you get nothing, or you take a smaller deal to help us bring in more secondary help." If he's cool with that then I'm cool with keeping him. The price we currently pay for Hall could buy us a legit #1 corner. I think we gotta get Moss to take a lesser deal to. I was in favor of cutting him next season but he has really performed in a smaller role this year.

    Anywho, I would like to sign Byrd at FS and then welcome Merriweather back to try to earn the SS spot (meanwhile look for a cheap solid SS for him to compete with). We need to resign Fred Davis (his injury was probably a blessing in disguise, saved us a little dough for his next contract) and Rob Jackson (solid back up to Orakpo that proved his worth, can't feel comfortable with letting him go until we see whether Orakpo can recover 100% from his peck injury).

    Our draft this year will be important because we need to hit on our 2nd and 3rd round picks. I would like our draft to focus entirely on lineman and secondary.
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