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Jazz had their bench finish so many games, even when losing in Miami. Hayward and Favors are always in the 4th. I mean we get real work out of our bench and 3rd stringers(just like your bench can finish games). We are as deep as LAC, we just haven't had it all together and our inconsistent(our upcoming schedule should help out). Our bench might not start at the beginning, but they all see 20-30 minutes every night)

I just wonder how good LAC will be when they have 4 home games during the 30 days of hell, between Jan 14th and Feb 14th
I believe the Clippers will go 17-10 from now until Feb 14th. It looks like they have 17 games against over .500 teams(if you include LAL). I have them going 8-9 in those games. They could easily do better in those games. There are a lot of easy games on this stretch as well. I think they will blow 1 game. That would put them at 40-16 which will probably still be near the top of the NBA.