So this is a response to EDU about how we should acquire Dwight Howard. I say HELL NO to Howard and.......

Here is my plan for the Rockets next year that I think can make us serious contenders:

First, I think next year the cap will go up slightly as it hasn't in 3 years. I expect a cap of 60.2 million. (this is based on the revenue formula used to calculate the cap and the expected revenue of this season)

I think the Rockets keep Douglas but we're going to trade Patrick Patterson and Marcus Morris. That will clear $5.5 million. That will put us roughly around $32.5 million. That will give us about $27.5 million.

Now remember contracts always escalate as the years pass, where the 1st year is the cheapest year. So I believe we can sign a max deal (Chris Paul, Josh smith, ect) and the first year will cost us $17,168,750 and that is based off the salary cap and Paul's 7 yr vet 1st year (if it's Chris Paul) max deal.

After signing the Max deal this will then leave the Rockets about $10.331 million. We use that to sign Paul Millsap. His first year might come in around $9.5 million based on a $12 million dollar annual salary.

That would leave the Rockets slightly under the cap: Around $900,000 . We would then get 2 exceptions: Non-Taxpayers of about $5 million and the Salary Cap Exception (for those under) of about $2.335 million.

We would have to use the Non-Taxpayer Exception on Redick. We then can use the remaining exceptions for small fillers (such as Delfino) and a draft pick. If we sign Josh Smith we would be further under the cap as we would save $4.322 million the 1st year of his max deal.

You could have the Rockets with potential lineups of:

PG: Chris Paul / Jeremy Lin / Toney Douglas
SG: James Harden / JJ Redick /
SF: Chandler Parsons / Carlos Delfino
PF: Paul Millsap / Donatas Motiejunas / Terrence Jones
C: Omer Asik / Greg Smith / Cole Aldrich

Paul and Harden would be the best back court in the NBA. We might have the best 1-2-3 PGs in the NBA. The bench would be killer with Lin driving in kicking out to Redick or Delfino.


PG: Jeremy Lin / Toney Douglas / Scott Machado
SG: James Harden / JJ Redick
SF: Josh Smith / Chandler Parsons
PF: Paul Millsap / Donatas Motiejunas / Terrence Jones
C: Omer Asik / Greg Smith / Cole Aldrich

Our defense would be the best in the nba. We could still run like we do now with Lin, Harden, and Smith. Then Parsons would be the 6th man of the year. Redick is still there adding 3's and good minutes.

Remember the Rockets are the Youngest team in the league right now.