For the 2nd round I'd like:

Joseph Randle
David Emerson
DJ Flaker
Jonathan Jenkins

Obviously all of this depends on what we do in the 1st but I just think Randle can help this team from day one (I know some of you aren't very high on him), Emerson if he's tree would be a nice value, I know we don't need anymore DB's but it never hurts. He also has the potential to possibly play safety as well and for me I'm not 100% sold on M.D. or McMillan. Competition never hurts right?
I think we really look in the 2nd and 3rd round for some O-line help and rightfully so as there is a ton of talent. Fluker I thin fits that bill, and for me is just a guy that every time I've watched him this year(I watched 8 Bama games this year) he simply went to work on his opponent. Also, adding D-line help never really hurts as we don't know going forward what the status of Pickett will be. I know Georgia isn't really a TT move but getting a guy like Jenkins would allow us to move Raji around more. Plus he's huge at 6-4 340