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...but he was not, as he mention in this sentence.

He in essence is saying that it does not matter where the fences are at, that the talent is what makes the difference. If you have guys that can hit, they will hit, if you don't then it does not matter.
On the other hand he wrote:

The notion that a field can be unfair just makes no sense.
The original Citi Field was indeed unfair.How many times did we see hitters tatto the ball only to see it knock off the wall or better yet, caught in front of the Mo Zone.

Those fences were ridiculously unfair.

And the notion that Citi Field was more unfair to the Mets than other teams was a red herring. That was never the issue. The issue was that it broke hitters hearts and it sucked to have to play your home games there as a hitter.

No matter how you spin it, those are absolute truths.
but again it stop some balls from going out of the park, but now there are some balls that would be outs that back then would of been doubles or triples.

So the perception is that because there are more homers hit, that it is more hitter friendly. Reality is that good to great hitters will hit just about anywhere and not blame the ball park.

But at the same time I understand that homers sell tickets.