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    Have We Lost Love For Lowry?

    The Raptors have won five straight and one of their big surprises has been Michigan State’s Alan Anderson. He’s bounced around teams in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and the D-League the last seven years and basically after sitting all season is averaging 17 points in the last four games, all Toronto wins. … Though he’s out now injured, the Raptors supposedly would like to put Kyle Lowry in a trade package and keep Jose Calderon. The Raptors give up 11 more points per game when Lowry is on the court compared with Calderon.

    What, now, boys? Looks like we're losing love for Lowry. I didn't even notice the stats with him on the floor. I guess with all that's been going on, and the style of play he has, we don't even see that. Though, some of y'all did have issues with him/keeping him. Kinda' crazy. All that hype. What do you guys think?

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    Smith is not a credible source. He consistently makes up trades and calls them real.
    Closed unless another source can confirm.

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