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    tell you what with all these injuries, I'd prefer all our players simply take the weekend off.

    It would be ok with me if Chandler ,JR didn't go. Melo is getting voted in for sure and he deserves but now sitting out another game, I mean who really cares about the allstar game?

    Can you remember two yr's ago or three what happened or care about what happened?

    Let Novak go shoot three's and Flite go dunk...........that should make everyone happy

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    no-way no-how. Too many great guards in this league.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ball4reel View Post
    I think J Crawford has that locked up
    Crawford has it locked up with 50 games left, while scoring only .3 pts more than JR per game, with less rebounds and assists per game, less steals per game, and more turnovers per game?

    How are you coming to this conclusion?
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