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    Quote Originally Posted by Zmaster52 View Post
    Randy Johnson will go down as the greatest pitcher of all time in my book. (Not accused of PEDs)

    WAR may look at Maddux in favor but it's still really close. Johnson will go down as the greatest in my book.
    this has alway been a wonder to me.

    hes as obvious of HGH candidate as they get. he was in his mid 30s and coming of herniated disc surgeries when he left SEA than won 4 CY seasons, this was during the zenith of the roid era when there was no testing... i dont have anything against randy, mad love for him in fact, its naive to think he never touched PEDs, if you open your eyes hes as obvious of a candidate as they come, and ive always wondered why he is not more widely speculated....

    as far as nolan, i remember growing up with him being regarded as arguably the best pitcher of all time (naive).... i think in general fans are fascinated by power and get confused by the fact nolan was the best power pitcher of all time, who carried himself like a legend. but clearly there were better pitchers and much better pitching seasons than nolan ever had.
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