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Thread: Jose Calderon?

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    Quote Originally Posted by B2B View Post
    You post is as if I closed the book on Lowry.

    My sample size may be small but It doesn't prevent noticing certain traits that could prolong over time. One thing I can say definitely is that Calderon would not come down & jack deep 3's early in a shot clock, his decision making IMO is currently far better.

    Easier to mesh & involve new team-mates when your an unselfish player, which Calderon is. Lowry is more selfish which would/does take more time to acclimate especially considering he has the keys to a free flowing offense.
    your sample size of 15 games is way too small im sorry. if you recall lowry was starting on the same unit as bargs. is it fair to say that calderon has played with the better defensive unit ? i def think so. id like to see lowry on the same unit as amir and davis rather then bargs and rookie jonas.

    and ya ppl are talking as if calderon is superior to lowry when in all actuality lowry is the better over all player. in this forum ppl are quick to support the player who is haveing a good streatch.. but when that same player has a few bad games the same posters will scortch that player.

    right now every one has rose coloured glasses on and forget how average he has been over his career. we need to sell high now because calderon never remains at this level and always goes back down to earth.

    Quote Originally Posted by B2B View Post
    Did you not point to Bargnani as being the reason in a next thread as to why the Raptors were on this current win streak.

    True or false,

    Lowry has also played lesser competition & come up short.

    The team has found some resemblance of chemistry under Calderon.

    Bargnani has played poorly to start the year

    Amir closing out games has been a defensive improvement over a 20 yo centre.

    Anderson has come back & given production out of the SF spot

    Casey slowed the pace down, apposed to increasing it for Lowry.
    did i point to bargnani as to why the Raptors were on this current win streak. i dont understand your question. bargs has been injured has he not ? how could he be the reason the raps are winning ? sorry maybe i just dont get what your asking me.

    as for lowry does he not need time to gel and build chemistry ? you dont need time to get familiar with your team mates ? calderon has played with these guys and is familier with casey from last season. how do you compare the two ? lowry played 15 games, he was playing through injuries in atleast a quarter of those games. give the guy some time before you judge his performance.
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