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Not it Perry Awful gets a head coaching job elsewhere. There should be a lot of vacanies out there.
True. Not sure he'd be in the running for many of them, but maybe.

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Honestly I love Coughlin but he's worth getting rid of if we have to keep dealing with these awful assistants.

And speaking of why was Mike Waufle ever fired?

He made the Raiders DL look great last year and Rams DL look great this year.
Can't say I agree with that, but ownership should probably say something. Gilbride is Gilbride, but Fewell really has to go. We won the SB last year and I still don't know how with how lame his D was.

I say that all the time; NO IDEA why Waufle left. Love that guy. He's exactly what JPP needs right now to develop properly.

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i cant recall him ever being an issue for billick, and billick isnt anywhere near as hard nosed as coughlin is/was. if we're left with a vacancy at dc and rex is available, he's going to have a difficult time finding a job as a hc (i believe).

his next best option will be assistant coach or dc. i'd invite him in for an interview for the dc position. i think he has the tools to turn defenses around. i'd at least hear him out.
I don't see his big personality and lack of discipline working well under Coughlin. Not saying I don't like his style, but I don't think it fits us. Plus I don't trust him to run a 4-3 and don't trust our D to become a 3-4 unless its a guy like Nolan or Capers doing it.