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    Quote Originally Posted by SJSF View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by c_reinert View Post
    Nah... I was being captain obvious by posting a piece of news and allowing discussion of it right when the info was released to the public... That was clearly my fault lol

    Allowing discussion? It wasn't really a piece of information that was discussion worthy. Maybe on a team that has 5-6 players that would have had consideration for the probowl like in years past. But when you have only 4 wins and almost every player was injured. Yeah i could have seen this topic as thread worthy.
    There are teams with the same record or even worse with pro bowlers. If you don't think it's worth discussion then why are you disagreeing with my thoughts on it and saying it surprising no eagles went? Sounds like a discussion to me
    PSD's c_reinert

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    I see this thread was jumping. Good thread.
    Thomas Jefferson - "The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not."

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    if mccoy were hurt he might've made it as at least an alternate but our talent didn't stay healthy long enought o be good.

    then again, Henery was pretty good this year. Could've at least had a kicker...

    then again, if Blair Walsh isn't the PB kicker, no one should be. dude was 10-10 from 50+

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    Mathis actually had a good season and so did Henery, but with how bad the Eagles played no one is going to give a second year kicker or a guy on a horrible O-Line a nod!

    Desean Jackson improving the Eagles Community Relations one stripper at a time …………. Don’t be a hypocrite D, pay her even if she sucked last year!!!!


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