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    Quote Originally Posted by infernoscurse View Post
    I disagree with your posts mainly cause you think I am a cashman supporter in the way that I defend every move he makes and he makes no wrong when I am critical when I need to be, I just dont accuse all of the failures to him. And yes again , we won with players that stick michael put together as GM, but a lot of things justhappened to go right, he wanted jeffrey hammonds, wasn t going to take jeter if hammonds fell to him, if george would of had his way our core wouldnt even be with us and the story would have been different and we couldnt make Gene michael as highly touted as you make him to be. If Stick was so great why isnt he a GM somewhere building championships? after not being a GM he was head of scouting for us, what great players did he net us after that dynasty? or was cashman at fault for not knowing more than stick when they drafted Eric duncan? john griffin? david parrish? why didnt gene net us more awesome dynasty prospects since he was incharge of our scouting? i guess that was cashmans fault also

    also how is it that we just barely qualified for post season by having one of the top records, i would understnd if we just made it due to the wild card but we have had best records for years. a lot of factors take into account, most teams that just make it are the ones who end up winning it all

    too many factors, its not brian, nor gene, nor gm, nor manger, nor players or opponents, baseball is too dependent of too many factors
    First of all, maybe I was a little harsh and I realize you have been critical of Cashman on occasion (I know your stance on Montero)

    Here's the thing. If George had frittered away those players I couldnt blame Michael and you couldn't blame Michael. That would be George being George and I don't think anyone in PSDland would expect Michael to be able to countermand the Boss.

    No one really knows why Michael is here and not a king somewhere else. Could be his allegiance to the franchise. Could be his love of Yankee prestige. Could be his seriously advanced age has dwindled his motivation/workload so I can't really see using that as an arguement IMO.

    I would also put forth that all of the trifecta put together those dynasty rosters. Showalter is widely respected as one of the best talent evaluators in the game. Problem is he's like the entrepreneur who knows how to build a phenomenal product but then has minimal skill set to run it. I think we're also overburdening Michael while forgetting Watson.

    That trifecta made the right protections, implemented the right developmental programs and yes had some good breaks to get them the gold.

    But let's face it, Cashman hasnt failed over one, two, or even three years. This has been going on for a decade. We've overhyped, overvalued, and overprotected prospects well beyond their trade apex time and time again. We've repeatedly made c-grade, bargain basement signings to patch on the cheap and when these guys perform right up to their market expectations we scratch our heads year in and year out wonderring how we could've fallen apart against superior playoff competition year in and year out.

    I've said my endorsements of Cashman many times in the past and like I stated in the last post, the underperformance of some of those players shouldnt be shouldered by him.

    But this has been going on for the better part of ten years and now age and Sir Hal are about to compound our troubles greatly.
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