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I would dump salary tomorrow if we had the right GM I mean where are we going with this team I dont think they can win a world series they dont grind out at bats they dont push the other teams defense they dont look to get deep into bullpens they just dont do what it takes to win a series and Im very suprised Girardi is ok with this rebuild tomorrow nobody even likes this team I have a buisness right near the stadium and believe me real Yankee fans dont come anymore there is no energy at all.Real Yankee fans will accept rebuilding and doing it the right way we had a run that will never be duplicated look at it this way our closer is 43 shortstop almost 40 arod is so shot from steroids he cant stay healthy do you realize he was an embarasment in the playoffs our centerfielder looked like he was lost Cano hasnt run out a ground ball in years Tex never shows up in big spots we could go on for hours this team is going no place DUMP NOW PLAY SOME KIDS AND REBUILD the yes network will still make money and coporate will still buy tickets I lived with the Knicks the last decade I can deal with a few down years with the Yankees
You are VERY right about our problems. Personally I don't think we have the mechanisms in place to come up with the right solutions to these problems.