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    Is Novak becoming a liability?

    For the record, I'm a Novak fan, but is he becoming a liability to this team?

    Over the last few weeks I've noticed how teams have basically shut down Novak and he's starting to look like a mannequin out there standing in the corner waiting for a pass to come his way. Sure he puts up a screen once in a while and helps space out the floor, but his defense is still horrible.

    It's already been discussed a few times about putting Copeland in for Novak. Obviously both are poor defenders so that's basically a wash. Novak can only hit 3's or now and then a long 2. Copeland has shown us that he's a damn good 3 pt shooter, can create his own shot, and has effective moves in the paint. He's a legitimate scoring threat from anywhere on the court. I'm curious as to what our forum members think.

    Below are some stats over the last few weeks:

    Knicks vs. Rockets 12/17
    Novak 1-5 33:14 mins played 3 pts

    Knicks vs. Nets 12/19
    Novak out with Flu

    Knicks vs. Bulls 12/21
    Novak 0-3 31:24 mins played 0 pts

    Knicks vs. Wolves 12/23
    Novak 1-3 18:42 mins played 4 pts

    Knicks vs. Lakers 12/25
    Novak 1-2 15:13 mins played 3 pts

    Knicks vs. Suns 12/26
    Novak 1-3 27:32 mins played 3 pts

    Knicks vs. Kings 12/28
    Novak 4-7 25:46 mins played 11 pts

    Knicks vs. Blazers 1/01
    Novak 0-5 20:22 mins played 0 pts

    Over the last 7 games Novak has played in he's 8-21 for a total of 24 pts and a total playing time of 172 mins 13 secs. To be fair he did put up average stats a few games before these but nothing special. Have teams figured him out?
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