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A lot of Yankee fans don't like what you said but you speak the truth and this coming from a Yankee fan.

Any Yankee fan thinking we are going to do the same we did last year with the team we have this year is dreaming. The lost of Swisher, Ibanez & Jones is big, that's a lot of HR's (57) gone and we did nothing to replace them, Youk (19) only replaces ARod (18). We can only hope that Romine can hit well enough to stay in the lineup because both Ceravelli and Stewart are only defensive catchers. We have yet to sign a DH and there aren't many out there that can give us a legit power threat.

We rely on the HR to win games and losing that many HR's is going to hurt us. With Ichiro back as well as Gardner, we could only hope that the running game is back as well. If they steal loads of bases, maybe that can take place of the power we lost, it should disrupt the opposing pitchers.

As for our pitching, we only have two SP's that we can truly count on, CC and Kuroda. Pettitte is going to be 41 so we don' know what he's going to bring and both Nova and Hughes are question marks as well. Our bullpen is probably our best asset but Mo is also a question mark, he's 43 and coming back from major surgery and a whole year out of baseball. As great as he has been, does anyone really know if he'll be the Mo of old?

I'm not saying that the Blue Jays are going to take the East but with everything that they have done this off season they are a team that's going to make a lot of noise. It's not like they picked up a bunch of rejects, Johnson had enough time to recover from his injury and has always been a pretty good pitcher, Dickey has been really good the past three years and won the CY Young, Burhle doesn't need to be the staff ace, he'll be pitching 3rd, Morrow and Romeo will be just fine pitching on the bottom of the rotation. There hitting was good and should just be better next year with the addition of Reyes, Melky and Bonofacio especially the speed they bring. Don't count them out just yet!
Cervelli is a terrible defensive catcher. He was actually ranked last in 2011.