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Jose Reyes is a cornerstone player.

Ruben Tejada is a complementary player.

It's generally not a good idea to replace a cornerstone player with a complementary player unless you have another cornerstone player ready to fill another position. But the Mets other than Wright had no other cornerstones.

Hell, they didn't even have an outfield.

The problem is when you start replacing cornerstone players with complementary players, people stop complimenting your team.

See what i did there?
I'm guessing you've been waiting a long time to be able to use that line. But how many cornerstone players did we have in 2011? Maybe 3, if you consider Beltran a cornerstone. But he wasn't part of a long term core around which you build the team of the future. Now, we are building that core with a few "cornerstones". Wright, Davis, Harvey, Wheeler, and hopefully d"Arnaud and Syndergaard. It would be nice if Alderson could acquire another "difference maker" as he puts it, in the outfield, but we already have the makings of a fine young team. Which is why Tejada can be of value.

Last I looked, Ruben played the entire 2012 season as a 22 year old. Give the kid a break. He's still years away from his prime, and he's still growing. I'm not saying that he will ever be what you call a "cornerstone", but he can be a very solid contributor, a complimentary player as you say, going down the road. We need the complimentary players. IMO, Ruben is a keeper.