Mods feel free to move this into another thread. I didn't know where to post it and thought this would make for a good discussion.

Ruben Tejada seems to be a fairly good player. Has a good baseball IQ and seem like he can be a consistent .280 - .300 hitter and play good defense.

With that said I Know Collins has had issues with his preparation and conditioning.

My main question is with Tejada's lack of tools can he improve certain aspects of his game with a good work ethic.

For instance if Tejada can put on 10-15 pounds of muscle and develop some gap power. That added muscle should make him slightly more explosive and quicker and should also allow him to stay healthier.

Also I know he doesn't have much speed but he is quick enough that he should be able to steal 15 or 20 bags if he learns how to get good jumps and read pitchers.

Is all this realistic or is it a pipe dream because I really feel if he's able to improve his gap power and become a better baserunner he can be a very good player in this league vs the average player he is today.