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    My thoughts on the season

    When the NyJets drafted Mark Sanchez I thought it was a horrible pick for this organization. Pete Carroll his coach told him he was not ready and I didnt think he was that great at USC. But as the Jets nature to make poor draft decisions is why we are still searching for a FRANCHISE (not Sanchize) QB. What we need to do is clear Tebow and Sanchez from this team and go out and make a play for Cousins. He looked good in his debut replacing RGlll, and his play was pretty impressive. But I am sure the Redskins will only give him up for a 2nd Round Pick. This QB draft class is weak IMO and is similar to the one Sanchez was drafted in so what I am saying is stay away.

    Even though I have not posted in a long time I have been kept up reading on these forums. For the morons that say get rid of Santonio Holmes, David Harris, Dustin Keller is just idiotic. These players are play makers for this team and your not going to find anyone better. Were really slim at the cap and we need to keep these guys next season (resign Keller is a must) in order to make a run at the playoffs for next season. Yes, we overpaid Holmes but he is a great number 2 receiver and makes big plays when needed. David Harris is our best LB and i am tired of getting rid of awesome talent that we should have kept (Does John Abraham and Jonathen Vilma ring a bell) Keep these guys and the Jets will be a strong team next season. Get rid of Tannenmbaum and pick up Bill Polian as our GM but keep Tanny as our cap guy.

    Mistakes in our offseason, hmm lets say the first one is giving Mark Sanchez a stupid contract extension, he did not prove himself well enough to make that kind of money but since we felt bad going after the Sherriff Peyton Manning we wanted to make sure he was not sad. Two, trading for Tim Tebow was absolute absurd. There was a one percent chance to get him the EPSN anaylist said but we got him anyway. Three signing Sione Pouha who has been injured in which I said dont waist our money on resigning because Ellis was just as good. Also, getting Sparono as our OC are you kidding me that was just a horrible decision and he is also to blame for our offensive woes. Thank god he is getting fired at the seasons end.

    Now, for the Pros that I have seen this season is Quentin Coples is going to be a thrill to watch along side Wilkerson. Can you say the next Freeney and Mathis but possible better. This defensive is still really good even though its time to cut Pace, Scott, and try to fill these LB's with younger ones that can cover. Also, make the switch from a stupid 3-4 defense to a 4-3. Laron Landry must be a priority this offseason to resign he just has been a beast and I would like to see him back for the long term. Our WR position is weak as usual but I like Stephen Hill, he has the potential to be very good and I think next year is to resign Braylon for one year and see where this reciever corps goes. Think you have Braylon, Holmes, Kerley, Hill, White no doubt in my mind thats pretty solid. If you dont resign Braylon go after James Jones from GB because he can be a number one reciever. Also, love how Kerley is playing this year. By the way giving a shoutout to Cro who has stepped up as a leader when Revis went down. Cant wait for those two to play next to each other again in the 2013 season its going to be awesome.

    I say our last game get the younger guys major playing time and see what you have for the future. Go for the win but if we lose to the Bills I wont mind because we need a higher draft pick and I think Mantei T'eo would be a great selection for this team. This season was not good at all to be a Jets fan but I believe with a new GM and Rex as our head coach we will turn it around next season and get back into the playoffs. Go Ganggreen NyJetsNation

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    The Jets are better at the 3-4 than they are the 4-3.

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