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    Quote Originally Posted by a_roid_3333 View Post
    I had a dream last night where I was sitting in the monster seats @ Fenway...Bautista crushed a home run into the monster seats where I was sitting on a line drive, it came at me so fast and hit the back of the seats and rico-ched around, and I picked it up...when I picked up the ball, it was mashed out of shape, it looked like a ball of play-doh that someone had belted with a bat a thousand times...I'm not concerned about bombtista one bit, I think hes gona have a great year, and the Jays will make the play offs. Go Jays!!
    This is clearly a sign everything will be fine.

    Who cares if he isn't 100% does he really need to be? Even if his power goes down, doubles will still come from it.
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    Blue Jays’ Jose Bautista pain-free and optimistic at Toronto tour stop

    Jose seems pretty optimistic about how his injury is healing:

    Bautista also proudly proclaimed his sprained left wrist pain-free and good to go for 2013.

    The right fielder, who leads the majors in home runs since 2010, underwent season-ending surgery in August to repair a tendon injured on the follow-through of a swing in mid-July. He said he is hitting in a batting cage five times a week, but has yet to face live pitching.
    “We’re just waiting on that because we’re not in the middle of the season,” he said. “If we were in the middle of the season, I’d probably be playing in games right now.

    Bautista would love to be playing in meaningful games in March as a member of the Dominican Republic in the World Baseball Classic, but the Jays have not yet given him clearance for the international competition.

    “Obviously when you finish the season on the disabled list it’s natural for the organization to want to look after your best interests and your health and the team’s best interests,” he said. “I know everyone in the Dominican Republic wants me to play and I’m doing my best and I know the team is doing their best, too.”

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    Glad to hear that he's feeling great and ready to go.

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