they're doing what a young team is supposed to do .. run and be the most athletic on the court. with that however comes those 'young' problems. they lead the league in turnovers per game, and they are in the bottom 5-10 defensively. upside is through the roof considering all the variables with cap space, marketable players etc... player development on the other hand is a peeve of mine. mchale is stubborn with his guys, and as one guy said earlier in this very thread, that even in huge blowouts mchale wont send in the kids to play in the sandbox. he may have his PF on the roster in terrance jones or donuts motijunas, instead of overspending on marginal,household players. fun to watch, and thats all i really wanted to start the season, i dont think anyone expected a long run out of them, but i'll tell you that if they figure out how to play defense this team wont be an easy out in the 1st round.