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1. No we don't need Howard. Asik is a cheaper, poor man's version of Howard. He gives you better free throw shooting. Maybe not as much offense but we have our starting center. We need to upgrade our weaknesses, center is not one of them.
Are you really saying we should keep Asik because he shots 60% from the FT line and Howard shots 50? Howard shoots 10 FTs a game, Asik shoots less than 5. And if you look Howard shoots 58% from his carreer while Asik shoots 52%, so I don't know what you're saying here. We're talking about 3-time defensive player of the year. He's averaging 17.7/12/2.6 on 57% from the field on which has been his worst season since his sophomore year.

I do love Asik, but if we could add Howard, who is by the way the best center in the entire league, we're contenders.

And yes we do need Howard or another star player to combine with Harden to beat these superteams in order to contend, Millsap or Smith or Redick would do it, IMO. Times have changed. And Howard is the most realistic option comparing to CP3.

As far as trading Morris and Patterson, combined they make $5 million. Sure Morris is playing OK but he shouldn't be in our future plans. We can take that money and use it on JJ Redick in the offseason. Then we can sign Millsap and Josh Smith/Chris Paul. Both Patterson and Morris just aren't good enough to be on our team next year.
Why shoudn't be in our future plans? That statement doesn't make sense at all. We're talking about a guy entering his second year on the league, and he has been pretty good on both ends of the floor. He is shooting really well, he's playing good defense and he can guard two positions. He fits perfectly in the system in my opinion. I would love to have Redick but at 28 and making more money, I'd rather have Morris if he continues to play the way he's playing so far this season.

You say they will make 5 million, do you have any idea how much is it? It is nothing for two good role players.

And once again we cannot sign two max or close to max guys while paying Harden, Lin and Asik more than 30 million. And don't have any clue any of the three you mention and four if you include Redick would have any desire to play here. You make it sound so easy, let's sign this guy, trade for th guy, but thing aren't that easy. What makes you thing CP3 would leave LA to play here?