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    Mar 2008
    Middle America

    lets get some feedback, common questions

    So, thought id ask and see if you guys had some insight of some of this. kinda slow day, so bare with me.

    Bench press, elbows in or out? ive always done elbow out, but decided to try to do elbow in. My goals are to be strong has hell, but also, look strong has hell. hybrid powerlifting, bodybuilding?

    just love to lift.

    so, back to topic. when I did elbows in, diff. less shoulder work, but really didn't like how it felt on my wrist.. couldn't do near the same weight. Thinking maybe mixing it up. maybe doing most of my lifts with the elbows flared, but , doing some with elbows in. maybe the light stuff elbows in at first, to get my wrist used to it?

    I dif. felt shoulders more involved in the elbow's flared. more triceps in elbow in.... just hurt wrist to much....


    got many more questions.. lest start with this. check back to, love all feedback.

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    Jun 2009
    New York
    Elbow out man myself.

    My technique sucks with elbows tight. Just feels wrong.

    Canelo with the nice 7 punch combination

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