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View Poll Results: The Giants will make the playoffs.

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    Apr 2012
    IF ONLY AND ONLY IF that defense set of roster were to play a full part of a football season!!!

    Kenny and Stevie in the backfield and let Rolle do w.e he wants.... my god! I love watching the back end of the D. Too bad injuries plague the Giants secondary every year!

    N Reuben... thank you. come again please!! He will be a huge playmaker. Sorry size matters in the NFL, n he catches with his HANDS

    Giants just cant stay healthy on defense. Which kills them.

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    Apr 2012
    Bradshaw is so tough.

    put him in Canton.... lol

    great football spirit!! He actual plays for the love of the lil BIG MONEY game. Other guys would sit out or just not perform... he runs hard on every single carry!!! Quietly being my most favorit Giant player!! He will retire a Giant for sure. No way he wears any other colors!

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