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    Week 17! Need Advice!

    My league doesn't have a playoff format; we go straight through week 17. I'm battling for 1st place, but my players are going to be rested (Roddy White and maybe Ray Rice).

    To replace Rice, I'm torn between Pierce or Owens from Jacksonville.

    Also, for wr, I need to pickup a replacement for Roddy White. The only wrs available that I'm looking at are:

    Jason Avanti @ NYG - Will Vick returning affect his numbers? NYG def is pretty bad

    Jordan Shipley @ Titans - With Cecil out, is he in line for a big game?

    Harry Douglass vs TB - With White, Jones, and Ryan expected to rest, can I trust Luke McCown to get the ball to Douglass?

    Dominic Hixon vs Philly - Eli has been awful lately, and if gets out of his funk, will Cruz and Nicks be the benficiaries?

    Need advice. Thanks.

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    I would definitely go with Owens at RB. The Titans run D is a pretty easy matchup and there is no telling how much of a workload Pierce will or won't get.

    Those are the absolute best WR options? Do you have anyone on your bench? Out of those options I guess I would go Hixon but I don't know, none are that great of options.

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