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That is because Omar went "all in" immediately upon being hired. SA is running the race of the tortoise. Omar had some success, but ultimately was deemed a failure by the bottom line, winning consistently and a WS Championship. SA's strategy is viable too, but his moves will eventually need to pan out to be judged a success according to the same bottom line.
Omar was told to go all in by the Coupons. They needed a new stadium and would spend nothing in the draft, he had no choice.

Alderson has no pressure whatsoever, he can't be fired, Selig would go ape, and the Mets would look even more foolish.

I'll make you a bet right now - that the Mets never make the post-season with SA as GM.

Bottom line, Omar Minaya for all his faults and bumbling media persona is thrashing SA silly. Alderson has been here three years, and has given up every year before the Winter meetings were over.

He completely dropped the ball with Reyes, his trades for 'now' players have failed, his signings have flopped - on the plus side he's engineered two good trades for older players.

When taking everything into consideration - he's done a 4-5 out of 10 job IMO.

Basically, as fans for three disgusting seasons in which the org did not lift a finger to win, on the back of 2-3 similar disgusting seasons under Omar - we have received Wheeler, TDA, Syndergaard.

Basically, 3 lost seasons for 3 good prospects. Doesn't seem like much to me...