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Tampa Bay Rays, Baltimore Orioles, Texas Rangers, Atlanta Braves. These teams build from within and have smart drafts. They don't all spend like the Yankees. Hell, not even the Yankees spent like the Yankees until relatively recently.
Tampa Bay? TAMPA BAY?

1st, we're in NY. There should be money available. I'm not asking for Yankees money or Red Sox money or Phillies money.

But there is a HUGE difference between being the Yankees, handing out huge contracts to guys like A Rod that become big wastes... and being a small market team in a constant state of rebuilding.

If you have no hope then all I can say is to stop following the team. What else are you looking for? If being a Mets fan brings your life so much misery, just stop. If you look at things objectively, we're better off now than in 2008-2011. Were you all complaining this much back then?

Just relax and watch baseball. Christ.
1. I don't have no hope. I do have hope. I just happen to have questions, too, and don't like the feeling of being jerked around by this front office. I have hope because I see that we are adding solid young pieces to build around. I have questions because I wonder whether the FO is willing to help those young pieces out with quality FA signings. Honestly, at this point, what Mets fan DOESN'T have the questions that I have?

2. Being a Mets fan doesn't bring my life "such misery." I enjoy being a Mets fan, as masochistic as that sounds. I wish the Mets were on right now.

3. We are *NOT* more competitive than we were in 2008-2011. We are much LESS competitive. Now we ARE better off than we were in 2008-2011 if you take the long-term perspective. But that future that we're building? It's all for nothing if we don't spend at some point.

Was I complaining that much back then? I didn't complain too much then.

Heck, I don't feel like I'm complaining right now. I think "expressing concern" or "being skeptical/curious" would be a more fitting phrase.

I have generally been very optimistic about the organization. You can ask some of the bigger doubters... such as Coupon or Marty McFly. Up until recently, I had not voiced much doubt at all.

For that matter, I was very pleased with the R.A. Dickey trade, and as much as I hated seeing him leave, I understood it completely.

What made me so negative all the sudden? The major thing was listening to Sandy and Jeff tell me that we have a good degree of "payroll flexibility" this off-season and then... they did nothing with that supposed flexibility. Like, that's not even an exaggeration. They did precisely nothing. They are the only team that hasn't signed a single free agent. Not one! At what point is it fair to ask ourselves whether we are being lied to?