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    Quote Originally Posted by AmsterNat View Post
    Thanks for the welcome, Stephkyle!

    If you had understood what I wrote, you probably wouldn't have come with this typical knee-jerk, 'yeah well you guys suck too' reaction.

    I was specifically speaking to the point that countries with numerous parties and proportional representation are more democratic because every vote counts. People have a sense that their vote actually matters because they can generally find a party that represents the way they feel about major issues of the day. Many people in the US on the other hand, are effectively disenfranchised because they live in an area that always votes the 'other' way, making their vote pointless.

    The fact that multi-party systems with PR are essentially more democratic than two party, first-past-the-post ones, has nothing further to do with the general economic malaise in the western world, or with what's been happening in Greece. Those are other issues entirely, and nothing to do with the point I was making - which was also about how far displaced to the right the US political spectrum is, a point that other posters here have confirmed.
    The lack of choices in the American political system and the right-skew of the US political system are two separate issues that you're convoluting into one. I agree, more choices would be nice (I voted Libertarian in the Presidential election and would certainly welcome more true representation of the political sympathies of everyone), but I don't want the US political spectrum going anywhere to the left of where it is now. I shudder to think of TRUE socialism (not this **** where people call Obama a socialist) invading the US political system.

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    I agree with your sentiment Homestar, but it is VERY important to force our leaders to be a little more honest in their decription between Full blown socialism, and a social democrasy.
    we already ARE a social democrasy, we have been since the 1800s.
    It is simply a matter of to what degree we allow for.
    There are many people such as myself, that feel there are places of importance that demands the exclusion of profits for performance.

    Healthcare and education are primary examples.

    everytime some one even suggests it the RT wing politiocians absolutely lose their minds, like someone suggested we fold up the constitiution into a paper airplane.
    The only reason they react so agressively is becasue they KNOW that the only benefit to keeping healthcare private is that wealthy people make a great deal of money from the illnesses of the masses.

    Healthcare started as non profit in this country. Churches, and Governments, and wealthy altruistics, that was all there was.
    Now between the Pharma, the Ins, the hospital implements,the Hospitals themselves its a multi billion dollar industry taht sucks up as much as they can, while providng a compartitively little return.
    And thats just how the 1% like it.
    so If you mention Socialized healthcare they go you every name in the book, If you want to know how good an idea is look how agressively someone tries to denounce it.
    No one bothers to respond to crazy Ideas, but ones that might help, that take away a revenue stream? now your gonna get it!.

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    Quote Originally Posted by B'sCeltsPatsSox View Post
    he's responding to the debate on the 2nd amendment. I wanted him to respond to a hilarious petition to deport someone who doesn't agree with others. I expected more from the president who actually can be hilarious sometimes. I wish he would have said listen we can't even vote on this and i'll veto it if it is voted on deporting him. Because I know what's next, petition to deport me, and I'll get heat for not signing if it it's voted into law!

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