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    2013 7th Year Yahoo League - Draft on 3/11 - 9pm et

    I want everyone thats in the league to vote on the rules for keepers this year.

    Keeper Costs:

    We get to keep 2 players (Thus not killing the draft in any way really) these players will be a "Where you drafted them last year plus two rounds" So if player is a 10th round pick. You lose the 8th round pick for him. You can obviously pick to not keep anyone, and just use the draft to pick the team.

    Players that are undrafted normally cost 5 bucks later so in other words some value needs to be given up. My suggestion for these players would be Where ever they are drafted this year you get two less rounds. So a guy drafted in the 10th round you would give up your 12th round pick based on ADP boards for this year.

    Draft will be the same as the last 7 years.

    If you have questions or suggestions of other ways to run the keepers please let me know.
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