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    Quote Originally Posted by natelpete View Post
    I can't seem to trust anyone who spells 'offense' as 'offence'.
    It was your country who changed the spelling of the word. Don't blame him because that is how to spell it in Canada.

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    Our course we are going to be doubted. We are trying to win football games with a running game while scheming around our QB. No other team in the NFL does this and is successful. According to experts, it's impossible to be successful playing the way the Vikings are but so far it has worked. The haters are going to hate and the doubters are going to doubt but the only thing that matters is what the guys in the locker room believe and this team believes they can win and they are proving it. All we need is 1 more win.
    2018 Vikings Draft :
    Round 1: Mike Hughes CB UCF
    Round 2: Brian O'Neill OT Pittsburgh
    Round 4: Jalyn Holmes DE Ohio State
    Round 5: Tyler Conklin TE Central Michigan
    Round 5: Daniel Carlson K Auburn
    Round 6: Colby Gossett G Appalachian State
    Round 6: Ade Aruna DE Tulane
    Round 7: Devante Downs LB California

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