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    Win the dam game and get Woodson back for the playoffs

    Just trying to make PSD Great Again one post at a time.

    Quote Originally Posted by Giannis94 View Post
    Our expectations were top 8 with jaykisd

    If you finish top 4 in the east I will become a 76er fan and homer spamming the **** outta them. If they don't, you become a Giannis homer. Essentially a dog bet.

    Deal or no deal

    Quote Originally Posted by More-Than-Most View Post

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    born and raised on the south side of Chicago.
    Having to win 3 games > than having to win 4 games. This is a no brainer. Losing would be a stupid idea.

    Quote Originally Posted by MrPoon
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    You should never toss a game that has big implications. We have a 2 seed on the line and a chance to take out a division rival. If that isn't enough motivation going forward than we are already screwed. For some reason everyone seems to believe we don't need the bye because of last seasons debacle. But let me remind everyone what happened last time we were able to clinch a bye and we failed to. 2002 the pack dropped one against the jets in week 17 which would have secured the bye. The next week we lost at home against vicks falcons. Moral of the story is, history doesn't matter when it comes to winning and losing. That's why you play the game

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    Which 1 or 2 NFC teams makes you the most nervous?
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    Packers Win = 2nd Seed + 1st Round Bye + Home Field Adv (perhaps through the playoffs if Atlanta Falls)

    Wild Card Games
    Chicago/Giants plays 49ers
    Seattle plays Washington/Dallas

    We'd likely play the 49ers... but if we didn't we'd be playing the Giants (I don't think Chicago can beat the 49ers... but the Giants could somehow get their head out of their *** and win against a suddenly struggling 49er team). The good part is... one of those teams are gone.

    Now some of you are saying tossing the game doesn't make sense. And it doesn't because this team is playing pretty well and taking the foot of the pedal is likely to end up poorly like it has before. Can't agree more. The only reason I'd want an bye is to get our WR healthy right now. Getting Nelson and perhaps now Cobb a weeks rest with rehab might be really important. I want these guys to keep on playing... Rodgers is the most important guy on the team and he tends to get rusty after a week off. One scenario or another they'd be getting a game off... I'd rather it be the bye week rather than a fake game against an opponent that you have to come back next week and beat.

    So tossing the game doesn't really help us (it could if we could get the 4th seed... but we can't). Actually it only helps me.. the Packers would come out to the 49ers and I could go see the game.

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    How do the bears have the packers number? Cutler is what, 1-7 when he starts?

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    No way. You go all out for second seed. This seems silly to me to even consider asking this.

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    If I were you guys, I'd much rather play the Bears than the Vikings. I don't know how I feel about our team this year, but we have had a pretty good run at upsetting way better teams than us. Either way, next sunday we should have a pretty good game.
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    We need to take the Vikings down.

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    Packers need to take advantage of getting a bye. All of our guys who are still somewhat hurt can get that extra rest. It is also important because I do not have off of work that night !

    Atlanta gets first seed.
    Packers second
    9ers 3rd (they wont lose to Arizona)
    Washington 4th
    Seattle 5th
    Chicago 6th.

    9ers Beat Chicago
    Seattle handles Washington

    Atlanta Loses to Seattle
    Green Bay Hopefully handles San Francisco in Green Bay. They cant fool us twice!

    These scenarios set up the perfect NFC Championship game for the NFL. The Seahawks who were gift wrapped a win earlier this year come in to Green Bay where the Packers can get revenge for the win they should have had earlier in the season.

    I love the playoffs!!
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    How the hell do the Bears have our number?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tayzak15 View Post
    I know this sounds extremely stupid, but I was just thinking. Should we just consider next week a "bye week" for our starters and let the vikings win? It would almost guarantee giving up home field advantage vs san fran but I don't think they will be too good in the playoffs anyways. Im still not sold on Kaepernick. If the vikings win it guarantees the Bears and Giants don't make the playoffs. Two teams which seem to have our number. I know we have a streak against the bears but its often a close game, anyways what are your thoughts? I know it sounds dumb just want peoples opinions.
    How does a team we've beaten 6 times in a row, and 8 out of 9 "have our number"

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    better question how does a team "have our number" when Rodgers hasn't lost to them at Lambeau (where the game would be played)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chi~TwnHawksFan View Post
    Which 1 or 2 NFC teams makes you the most nervous?
    Of teams that are likely to make the playoffs the 49ers and Falcons.

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