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Your kidding right? Peyton Manning has elevated the games of all these guys, it's not the other way around. They are good because of manning, not manning is good because of them. Sure Thomas is a stud and could have been with any other qb besides tebow or Orton, but decker was a solid receiver before manning turned him into a pro bowl caliber receiver. Moreno was the bust of all busts, and is playing good now because of a revamped passing game this year. Stokely is a old (idk his exact age) slot receiver. He would have little to no impact on another team IMO. He chose Denver because his familiarity with Peyton. You cannot tell me that Peyton Manning isn't the single most important player on that team. Sure they have a good defense, but I think the only elite aspect of their defense is the dline. Everything else is suspect to me. This is coming from unbiased point of view as I am a fan of none of these teams.

Regardless I would still give the award to AP, what he has done this year with no passing game, an defenses stacking 8-9 in the box has been unreal. However I think he will be overshadowed by the qbs and if your gonna give it to a qb, my vote goes to Peyton Manning.

Sick of seeing people who are new to the forum not know who Burch is.