I think the rebuilding process is in a mess. We are rebuilding but we still start Maxiell (a career backup) ahead of our future franchise player? Does coach Frank or Joe Dumars really thinks Maxiell makes us a better team than Drummond does? Even if yes, we are losing with Maxiell anyway, so how can Drummond makes it any worse?

If coach Frank ever starts Drummond and Monroe together, we need Slava as a backup C. We desperately need size and u do nt expect 6'5" Maxiell to come in and playing against other centers who are 6 or 7 inches taller than him. Kravtsov or a backup C is needed if Drummond starts. And again, we are a terrible team which cant beat any team other than the Wizards, so i dont underastand how giving Kravtsov more minutes would make us worse.

Lets face it Joe n LF, this is a dysfunctonal team. Roster is in a mess, playign rotation is in a mess, we have a GM who hasnt made a decent trade for years n a Coach who is stubborn n afraid of changes.

This is a losing team, and the current lineup with scrubs like Maxiell starting doesnt work. So u move on and let the youngsters play. I know Drummond, Kravtsov or English have their weaknesses and they may not be 100% ready for NBA, but if u dont play them and let team learn, they'll never be ready


Let the youngsters play more. If they lose, fine, coz we are losing anyway.

then we'll have a top 5 pick in next years draft. And i want Ben McLemore so bad. Perfect fit to this team: good athlete, great off-the-ball scorer and a decent passer at the 2 spot.