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    WWE: 12/24 Raw Thread *Merry Christmas Eve*

    Tune in Monday:

    Season’s beatings, WWE Universe: Santa’s sleigh can’t stop the longest-running episodic show in television history, so Monday brings us a very special Christmas Eve edition of Monday Night Raw. And someone — ahem, AJ Lee — has been very naughty indeed, corralling Big E Langston into her wild vendetta against John Cena while locking lips with (still) Mr. Money in the Bank himself, Dolph Ziggler. While AJ stirs the pot, The Shield continues to light the fuse of chaos within WWE, dishing out street justice with a vengeance following their banner victory at WWE TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs. So with that in mind, here’s our five-point preview for a very merry Monday Night Raw.

    They’re making a list, checking it twice …

    Everyone’s naughty and nobody’s nice to The Shield, whose attacks haven’t slowed down in the slightest despite their big win at WWE TLC over Ryback & Team Hell No. Last week, they targeted Ric Flair and we highly doubt they’re done with Ryback, Kane and Daniel Bryan, but we’re sure they’ll continue to find injustice even as Christmas rolls around. Who will be next to feel their wrath?

    'Big' Christmas surprise

    Never let it be said that AJ Lee doesn’t know how to make a statement. The jilted former Raw General Manager turned tail on John Cena at WWE TLC, ditching him for Dolph Ziggler and corralling NXT’s Big E Langston as her enforcer in her vendetta against the Cenation leader. The hulking rookie hasn’t spoken two words yet, but his actions have conveyed volumes, as he’s already left Cena counting the lights on both Raw and SmackDown. With Big E in her corner and Dolph on her arm, what’s AJ got up her sleeve for the WWE Universe next?

    Punk on the table

    Not even a Christmas roast will satisfy Ryback since it was announced the beast will get his promised WWE Title Match against CM Punk on the first Raw of the New Year. With the injured Punk nearing recovery and Ryback still chugging along after WWE TLC, expect the mind games to resume. We wouldn’t be surprised if Ryback decided to give Punk a taste of what awaits, knee injury and all. ‘Tis the season of giving, after all.

    The Show goes on

    Well, it looks like Big Show has had his fill of Sheamus for the time being. The giant insisted that he was “done” with The Celtic Warrior after retaining his World Heavyweight Championship at WWE TLC. While Sheamus did get the last word in by whacking Show with that giant chair of his, it seems the Irishman was fine with moving onto another opponent as well. So the question remains: Now that Show has dispatched one of the most dominant former World Champions in history, who will step up to face him next? And with Dolph Ziggler lurking in the wings and waiting to cash in Money in the Bank, can Big Show fight the proverbial war on two fronts?

    And they call him Santa Claus

    We haven’t even mentioned the best part of this week’s Raw: It’s hosted by none other than the big man himself, Santa Claus! It’s been a while since Kris Kringle showed his face in a WWE ring, but given the squared circle’s history with him, it’s pretty sure to be an entertaining evening. Will he fall victim to a Shell Shocked for failing to deliver the perfect ham? Will The Shield deem Papa Christmas’ separation of “naughty” and “nice” as an unjust institution? Will CM Punk be disrespected by the same designation? Will he perhaps take our polls of the WWE Universe into account when determining his naughty/nice lists? Tune into Raw this Monday at 8/7 CT and find out!

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