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    Quote Originally Posted by MickeyMgl View Post
    A Kobe-Love-Gasol offense is more difficult to stop than one of Kobe-Love-Howard.
    yeah but then we're hella soft on D with Gasol and Love down there and Dwight is stronger, quicker, more explosive and draws more attention than Gasol even if Gasol is more skilled.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GailGoodrich View Post
    I don't think Pau is playing great ball. He's clearly not his old self.

    But I don't blame Pau for his paycheck. That has nothing to do with his value to the team in terms of winning a title.

    Are there any players we could get who would make the team better? I'm not even talking about players we could get for the same money -- I'm just asking who's available, and what they would bring.

    Sure, if we added LeBron or Durant that would be awesome. But after those guys I'm not sure who makes us a lock to do anything. The only thing I'm sure of is that we'd be making a lateral move at best when all was said and done, and we'd probably be giving up key intangibles that this team desperately needs, like the ability to think the game in critical situations.

    (If we could move Pau for KLove I'd do it, but we'd be giving up playmaking, and it certainly wouldn't be a defensive upgrade.)

    The point I'm always trying to make about the "trade Pau:" idiocy is that it's not well-thought-out. It's a panic response, and a scapegoating response, and the same sort of ugly trash thinking that caused people to hate on Blake as if Blake had anything to do with the fate of the franchise over the past few years.

    If Pau shot 41 shots and stunk up the joint you and many other here would never stop ragging on him for doing so. And yet with Kobe it's somehow all the ref's fault. Which means you're the ones with the player-worshipping problem, not me. We need team-ball players, not heroes or villains.

    My hope is that having Steve Nash back clams everything down, so Pau knows what the hell all the maniacs around him are actually doing. Because as far as I can tell, there hasn't been a single consistent week of play, coaching and strategy since this season began. And for a player with Pau's skillz that's a nightmare.
    If you're player with said skills, you adapt and overcome. That's the diff between Kobe and Pau. Pau doesn't have the heart to impose himself and not rely on excuses. At some point if you are that good, you step the **** up, not because of the system, coach, or teammates, but because you have the ****ing pride and skills to do so, and Pau hasn't showed that pride for three years now nor the skill to be effective on either end as a PF

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    Quote Originally Posted by BleedGreen1014 View Post
    Reportedly the deal was pau for Pek, Williams, and ridnour from the wolves.
    Pek is been playing really well, 21 and 17 tonight. Averaging 16 and 8 this year. Derrick Williams seems athletic enough to fit into dantonis system and I think he could thrive, while ridnour could back up Nash while Blake is out.

    The jury is still out on whether or no Pau is going to work well in this system, I have confidence in him, but would this trade make us better and deeper? I'm not sure how well Pek would fit in our system and he could clog some Dwights area in the paint.

    What do you guys think?
    Why would we regret giving up one of the best bigs playing today for what would amount to more bench space being taken up..??? Gasol may be having a rough go of it right now but even at his worst he's better and worth more than all three of those players stacked together.. Just my opinion..

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