Let me just tell you guys this up front. I had a dream last night that Green Bay would win this game 56-0 and it was announced that Mike Munchak would no longer be the coach of the Titans at the end of the season. They waited until the day after Christmas to announce the decision.

That sad thing is that the Titans probably played better in my dream.

(1) Jake Locker. I wanted Jake Locker when he was a Junior at Washington. I have been behind this kid and think he has all the tools to be a great starting quarterback in this league. And nearly every game that he has played bad I have been behind him and telling people to be patient.

But I don't know how many more games of this nature that even I can defend from Locker. Now let me say right off the start that I understand the offensive line is in shambles. But even when he had time his passes were all over the place. There were passes underthrown, overthrown, thrown too far in front and thrown too far behind. That play where Taylor Thompson was WIDE OPEN running down the sideline and Locker had all kinds of time and underthrew the pass.... He was just flat out terrible today.

Something they might need to look into in the offseason is a better QB coach to come in and work with Locker on his mechanics. He was terribly sloppy today.

(2) One play that really bothered me and was against the Titans was the call of intentional grounding that backed them up against the end zone. That was one of the worst calls I have ever seen in my life. Chris Johnson nearly got a hand on the ball and they are gonna call it intentional grounding????

What really bothered me is how the Titans seemingly just accepted it and went on to the next play. Mike Munchak was seen briefly talking to the sideline ref about it and then walking away. Jake Locker was just smiling and shaking his head.

Let me tell you right now.... If I was the coach or even one of the players they would have pulled me off the field. I would have let every ref on that field know what happened for them to open their ****ing eyes and that I would be making sure to bring it up after the game and in every interview how that was the most blatant blown call I had ever seen come from a professional referee.

(3) They have been playing slightly better the last couple weeks. But this defense still needs a ton of work. There were several breakdowns in coverage. Guys got mixed up on several players and were covering the same gaps and just making mistakes. A prime example was the Greg Jennings touchdown where he was pretty much lined up on the goal with Jason McCourty lined up 8-10 yards away. All Aaron Rodgers had to do was snap the ball and throw it for a touchdown.

We seen today when Green Bay came out and spread the field that we have no depth in the secondary. Randall Cobb could have had 200 yards receiving against Sensabaugh if they wanted to keep throwing him the ball. The pass rush as well also took a step back today.

(4) I don't like Kenny Britt. He has amazing talent. But if he doesn't get the ball then he gives up on the play. That interception on the sideline once he seen it was short he pretty much gave up on the play. On the other interception he pretty much gave up on the play soon as he seen it was intercepted as well. You don't need that kind of player on your team.

(5) How about the running game. Chris Johnson had his standard 11 carries for 28 yards. I say standard because that is standard for Chris Johnson. Unless he breaks a 60+ yard run then he ends up with 20-40 yards. His style of running balances out a stat sheet at the end of the year but does little to help the offense when they are in 3rd-and-8 or 3rd-and-9 nearly every possession.

(6) The offensive playcalling. I know there isn't much you can do with a patchwork offensive line. The one drive that bothered me in particular was where Jamie Harper ripped off a couple of big runs up the middle. Its 3rd-and-1 and off comes big Jamie Harper and in comes Chris Johnson.... Chris Johnson runs head first into the line for no gain. They go for it on 4th-and-1 and throw a quick slant pass that goes off the fingertips.

(7) I didn't understand having a fullback Quinn Johnson in the game on so many plays. This goes back to what I was complaining about in the offseason when they drafted Kendall Wright and Taylor Thompson. How many guys are they working with on the offense?

I think it is an issue. For some reason they like rotating 12 wide receivers and tight ends in and out of the game. How are they expected to develop chemistry with the quarterback? How many reps do each of these guys get in practice? Do they practice all the formations, packages and plays? If not then isn't it easier for the defense to figure out the offense based on the players on the field (It is we have already talked about that this year).

Then it comes the issue when you have somebody like Jared Cook coming up for free agency. How much money are the Titans gonna pay a guy that was only in the lineup for 38% of the plays? Think about that when free agency rolls around and Jared Cook is wanting good money.