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    Quote Originally Posted by More-Than-Most View Post
    Bigger than your Giants/Falcons prediction 2 weeks ago lol?

    Also I do not take back my words...The notion that this is a bigger game than the last 6 he has been amazing in is hilarious...of the last 6 games romo had 4 4th quarter come backs...That gets swept under the rug though and nothing short of a superbowl would have changed peoples minds....Had he won this game and the next 2 and made it to the superbowl and lost people would still be all over him...Romo was bad tonight but the cowboys as a group were terrible and that is what people seem to not get.
    I actually disagree. I think the media would love to prop up the QB of America's Team, if only for ratings, if only he'd give them a resaon to...

    But it won't happen. Ever. The Cowboys will never win it all in the Tony Romo era. And that's that. 1-7 career in elimination games is an undeniable trend.
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