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I can't remember many of my picks after round one in past years. In '09 I would have taken either Curry or Orakpo. 2010 I had Berry going to the Chiefs for months (September if '09 leading up to the draft). 2011I switched the pick around a bit. Was Julio, then Baldwin, then Aldon Smith, then back to Baldwin a month before the draft. Last year I thought that it was going to be Burfict, then when his stock fell, I switched it to Kuechly and after the combine, I kept Poe going to the Chiefs.

As you can tell, I'm physic when it comes to the Chiefs picks. Other ones I've nailed outside the first round that I remember are McCluster, Houston, and Menzie.
I've nailed tons of GB picks. It's easy if you make 15 mocks a week.

It's more about do the players hit than matching up your teams picks.