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Finally, someone being realistic on the internet, no less on these forums haha.

Tomlin is actually a good coach. Sometimes he makes decisions by which we are all baffled, but the guy knows how to coach his players and win. He's more of a gut-feeling coach rather than a by-the-book coach, which I like. Give him a shot guys, I think he's proven himself to us fans before.
I've only been following the Steelers since just before the 2004 season, so this is actually the lowest point I've experienced as a fan. Going one and done in 2011 to missing the playoffs in 2012. Missing the playoffs in 2006 and going one and done in 2007 gets a mulligan because there was a coaching change in between.

Anyway, this is the lowest point I've experienced. What I'm coming to realize is that there's no such thing as "proving yourself" as a coach. Unless you're Bill Belichick, and this is mostly because the media is on his dick rather than a testament to the Patriots fan base, a coach can have insurmountable success and the fans will still want him gone after just one mistake. It's a damn shame, it really is.