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I make Bill Moyers spot on! The NRA should STFU about pointing fingers of blame anywhere else. Of the many evil, extreme right wing organizations in the US, the NRA is by far the most evil, dangerous, powerful and appalling. Their only interests are to further the sales and increase the profits of merchants of death and destruction, while at the same time 'buying' politicians to push their ultra conservative agenda.

The NRA bears a major responsibility for fostering, creating, and maintaining over many decades today's unbelievably ****ed up state of the country as far as weapons of mass death are concerned, what I like to call macho kill toys.

The fact that politicians have been totally complicit in the NRA's rise to power and influence is a national disgrace on a par with the current non-functioning Congress. What's the common factor? Extreme loony, ultra right wing, conservative Teabaggers, whose agenda is to try and drag the country backwards, back to a time when the people who run the NRA - white, middle aged and old white men - also ran everything else. They still can't get over their loss of complete power and control over the country.
it's not the NRAs fault this little psychopath went ona killing spree. stop blaming the people that make legal products and start blaming the ****ed up people who use them to hurt people. i'm so sick of everyone hiding behind crutches in this country, blaming everyone but the people that are responsible. face it, people can be bad and do bad things. its there fault, we need look no further when it comes to blaming someone. who's at fault? the monster who took the lives of innocnet kids and teachers