Thought I'd post this article, shows just how far Durant has developed, and how high the ceiling is.

My instant analysis:

I forgot carlesimo had him playing SG.

The article says he would be the first player post a 50%/40%/90% season while being the league leader in scoring since bird. Bird was 5 years older when he accomplished it.

His trainer believes he can make 50% from 3? Hard for me to believe, but if anybody was gonna do it...

On a side note, I think Russell taking plenty of shots, has forced Durant to be as efficient as he is, and has actually helped excel his growth. Plenty of players can throw up shots, and lose track of where they are most efficient. Durant knows how to pick his shots, if for no other reason he knows that he can't be taking wild shots, or Westbrook will try to take the game over.

Anyways enjoy.