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    Quote Originally Posted by Swift Game View Post

    Bro, do not worry about idiot people in this forum. I would say for every 10 Lakers Fans in this Forum there are probably 4-5 that are reasonable that give basketball knowledge responses. Most will just place a faceplam and not respond..Most of those guys are bandwagon fans that do not have much basketball knowledge.

    I think you are absolutely correct in regards to theses pg's. Lowry would be my 1st pick then Dragic. And Lin would be the 3rd choice but would be a hell of a back up pg because he is really a wild card type pg. Either he is going to have some really good games or not show up.

    The Lakers may have been able to get one of those guys if they chose to Amnesty Steve Blake which I am not sure why they did not do that. They are not going ot Amnesty Kobe, Pau or Artest so he was really the best choice to let go.

    That may have opened some cap space to sign one of those guys but realistically they would have had to do it through a trade. I like the fact we have Nash but my ideas since 2011 was to get him as the starter and either Lowry or Dragic as the back up. That would have made the Lakers a significantly better team imo.

    I still have hope that the Lakers will work on a three team trade including Pau to either Toronto or Minnesota to get Either Calderon, Lowry, Barea, Derek williams and Pekovic.

    Like I said before I would Love to have Pekovic as he has the most upside and will be quietly be one of the top 4-5's in the league. Unfortunately Dantoni will not showcase this guy since he runs a different offensive scheme. So Pekovic would need to go to another team and hopefully the Lakers get another solid piece in return. Lets stay tuned and by the end of January the Lakers should make a decision on Pau.
    I agree that those guys would be great, but as backups. Nash is much better than any of the pgs who are being mentioned.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Big Moves03 View Post
    I agree that those guys would be great, but as backups. Nash is much better than any of the pgs who are being mentioned.
    Well that is what I am saying. Any of those three guys Lowry, Dragic or Lin in that order would be a great back up pg to Nash for the next 2-3 years as that will extend his career. Nash needs to stay at about 30 minutes a game. One of these back ups would occupy 20-26 minutes or so if we had one of them.

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