What players need to improve on....

**Josh Hamilton - become a better 2 strike hitter
batted .163 in 2 strike counts with a 50.7 strikeout %

**Andrew McCutchen - avoid 2nd half slide
In 2011, McCutchen hit .216 after the first half. Last season he hit .286 the second half after hitting .368 the first half

**Yadier Molina - Recognize curveballs faster
Molina's a good hitter, but batted just .186 against curveballs

**Justin Verlander - First inning beatings
Verlander had a 4.09 ERA from the first inning

**David Price - Be more effective when working behind in the count
Batter hit .358 in a 1-0 count against Price, and .296 with a 2-0 count.

**Robinson Cano - get better against left handed pitchers
Hit .239 against lefties in 2012

**RA Dickey - Avoid over use of fastball
When Dickey got behind in the count, he used his fastball 40% of the time. Players hit .306 against Dick when he threw the heater

**Adrian Beltre - Improve against left handed curveballs
Against left handed curves, he hit just .174

**Miguel Cabrera - Better defense
He was last in 2012 among all 3rd basemen in UZR with a -10.00 rating.

If you guys have any others, or care to share opinions, please do so.