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Why in the world do you keep mentioning JRich. ET is more valuable to the team than JR...so scrambling to compare the two in every post you make actually degrades ET. So, between you and me, your argument could use some fine tuning.

No he doesn't. (Am starting to seriously question your debating skills.)

...and that person was corrected; he listed ET's position erroneously.

See, here's the thing for you apologists and excuse-makers; and listen closely: it doesn't matter what position a player plays...if he has proven he CAN consistently perform a function, and we NEED HIM to do so...he must perform that function.

The fact is, he's underachieving on the boards. Period; end of story.

In 7 of ET's last 12 games he's had 5 rebounds or fewer. In fact - all season long - he's only had double figure rebounds 8 times. (His season high is 12; half of the 8 he had barely 10.)

Is his SIX point eight rebound-per-game rate really the best he can do? Is it? REALLY?

It'd be different if he was expending his energy on defense; but lord knows he's not. No, no. ET has put his focus on shooting the damn ball. THAT'S what this is about. He's slowly becoming merely a solid rebounder and a bad/ineffective defender...all while shooting at an insane volume (an average of SEVENTEEN shots per game this month.)

He cares about one thing. And unfortunately many know-nothing posters apparently do as well.
im not scarmbling for anything. Every time the Sixers lose you find something to bash ET for and when we win and he plays great u stay away from here until he slows down and do it all again. You continually preach J Rich is here to score and doesnt have to do anything else but u never knock him when he shoots 2-10 and doesnt defend anyone. I also mentioned Wrights poor shooting along with Richardsons but of course u ignored that. I find it comical that you bash our small forward for not being able to pull 10 boards a game.