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They're good prospects. But that's all they are. Are the Coupons going to get us what else we need?

I don't think they are.

How are they going to acquire talent now? there's no blue chippers left to trade, trading prospects is robbing Peter to pay Paul, but there's no money for any FA's.

It does not add up.

The Mets are not going to win because they acquired Wheeler, TDA and Snydergaard, whatever is name is. We've just lost a ace pitcher, who would have pitched at a high level for the next 3 years, let's not forget that, so that's Wheeler 'swallowed up'. We have no BP and no OF.

TDA will probably start as our catcher, so a 74 win team is better in one position only, and weaker in SP. TDA is not proven either, although a tree stump would be an improvement on Thole.

Sorry but I'm not impressed, I think the near future is a younger cheaper team which will excite all the prospect junkies and all those that hate spending any money - but ultimately they'll keep falling short because there's always too many holes left unfilled.
We've gotten a taste of Harvey - and will see him this season. Say Wheeler and Syndergaard develop into something special, we will have a nice 1 2 3 punch. TDA develops into a Posey type catcher, Davis goes back to form, Duda imprives, Wright stays healthy... this could be a competitive team when David is in the 3rd - 5th year of that contract. We are just a few years off I think.