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    then terrible defense almost giving up a layup, but then a good foul with a crucial miss sealing the win for the jazz. 2-2 on this road trip is not bad lets get the next one

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    I thought Millsap was bad, but he did what we NEEDED, which is 2 guys getting 15 plus points(Jefferson really slacked, but Hayward filled in).

    Jefferson was lacking way to much on this road trip. He plays great at home, but he really needs to keep his game up. Millsap had his funk up until a couple weeks ago. I just hate being dead last in the division.

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    I thought this game was won by the play of our bench, I cringed each time Corbin put in our starters. And Jefferson is playing like garbage. I hate seeing Favors minutes limited so much, and BURRRRRRKKKKKSSSSSS! Stud.
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