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That's what I'm saying though. Spending this offseason would be foolish. But next year wheeler, Harvey, TDA will all be in the majors and the team will be ready to atleast begin competing. We need to trade for a young outfielder this year.

Next off season we need to target a free agent outfielder though. The final part of rebuilding is reinvesting into the team.

How is improving the team at any time foolish?

Can't those players help beyond 2013?

How does signing say Hairston kill the team down the line?

You all seem to be under this illusion that you go from 74 win team to contender overnight, and that if you sit tight the Coupons are going to go out next Winter and buy us all the pieces we need because they've done nothing for 4 years.

You're being strung along from year to year with the promise of jam tomorrow that never arrives, at this point that's all it is, a shell game. But you all assume this shell game just comes to an end and the people behind the endless lies and deceit over the last few years, suddenly turn into your dream owners...

FA is grim almost every year now, because teams just extend their own guys, how are you going to fill numerous holes without overpaying? FA 2014 looks bad already, and it WILL get worse, the talent pool will only diminish.

I'm telling you they have sold you a lie with this 'Everything will be amazing in 2014' nonsense, you're all wetting yourselves over these dreamy prospects and seemingly in your minds tons to spend in FA next year, and you're going to end up disappointed when all the Mets do is sign roster fillers.

How do you fill holes with quality players without spending money?

You drain the farm system, what have you all been moaning about for years? 'We've got no farm system'.

Don't just assume the Mets are gonna spend big because they have payroll down real low, it's real low for a reason, and that reason is not so they can start spending a ton on players again.