The Arizona Diamondbacks have been looking to trade Justin Upton this offseason. Talks about him leaving have calmed down which is the perfect chance for Sandy Alderson to make a phone call and get Upton. Upton had a down year but he would be a perfect fit for the Mets. For one he is good friends with David Wright they are actually from the same town and played for the same little league. Upton plays right field which is a huge hole for the Mets right now and he is a power hitting righty which is also a Mets need.

The trade to hopefully get Upton would be
Mets give: Familia, Flores (who is not needed because the Mets have Wright), and either Mejia. The Mets would be giving up 2 young power arms whom could be a # 2 in Mejia and Familia could be a 2 or 3. Flores which is one of the Mets top prospects and has the potential to be a real power hitting threat but his glove could use some work.

With this trade the Mets lineup would be

ss- Tejada righty
2b-Murphy lefty
3b-Wright righty
1b-Davis lefty
rf-Upton righty
lf-Duda lefty
c-Buck righty
cf-Nieuwenhuis lefty