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    Quote Originally Posted by fanofclendennon View Post
    Dickey wasn't an expensive piece? Who on the Mets not named David Wright is making more than $12 million a year? No, he wasn't an expensive piece in 2013 but he would have been in 2014.

    I'm seeing a pattern right now. With the exception of David Wright, every player who has excelled for this team has been let go. Everyone in here is assuming there's a rhyme to this reason and maybe there is.

    I'm just saying let's see how things develop before assuming the Wilpons with Alderson are going to build a team from bottom to top. To Sandy's credit, he's building a nice foundation. Now let's see what happens when it's time to add an expensive cherry on top of the ice cream sundae.
    Firstly, he said "expensive pieces". Plural . . multiple. . . making it sound like the Mets have habitually sold off their elite players. Secondly, I think you know, just as well as I do, that the Dickey trade was not about money. They did not trade R.A. to get rid of an "expensive piece". It was all about improving the team. I am absolutely certain that, if Sandy did not get top value for Dickey, he would have gladly signed him to an extension that both team and player were very happy with.

    Now to your point. At my age, my memory may not be as good as yours. So tell me about the pattern. What really good players, not named Jose, have the Mets developed and then let go? Heath Bell? Mike Jacobs? Or are you going back to Straw, . . . Doc, . . . the Franchise?
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