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    A-Team if the phillies have another mediocre season and miss the playoffs again, would you begin a fire sale (or jut some of our more expensive pieces) to rebuild the farm?

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    It really depends on how they produce that mediocre season. I could make up scenarios where I would and scenarios where I wouldn't.

    Something to keep in mind - fire sales are a good way to free up payroll, but they rarely return massive amounts of future talent. For every time Mark Mulder produces Dan Haren, there are two Johan Santana for garbage deals (roughly speaking).

    If they were to deal Rollins, Howard, Lee, and Hamels, they could probably count on returning only one 4 win/season prospect.

    They're also not in the best position for a fire sale, since Halladay, Utley, and Ruiz would be hitting free agency in that scenario.
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    Quote Originally Posted by The A Team View Post
    k_dol, another problem with your post is that you are crediting/debiting Ruben based on factors outside of his control. He should not be cheered if the team produces a World Series, because he's built a roster that should win 80-85 and has a high variance due to a lot of risky properties.

    Similarly, he should not be jeered if the team wins 65 games. That being because he's built a roster that should win 80-85 and has a high variance due to a lot of risky properties.

    The result is irrelevant. Process is all that matters.
    Sorry, I wasn't trying to imply a direct cause/effect relationship there. The main thing that I was trying to say is that firing Ruben wouldn't make sense right now from the perspective that it wouldn't accomplish anything. I guess that is along the same lines as your point that simply winning a World Series or failing to do so is not necessarily indicative of his success. I wasn't trying to suggest that he should get fired in the next couple years if the core collapses and the team takes a step backwards. Rather, I would say that it would only be justifiable if that happens.

    I think most people's frustration with Ruben comes from the fact that they think that someone higher up should be accountable for organizational failures. Granted, missing the playoffs once in the last six years is hardly an organizational failure, but I think when you combine that with what appears to be a reluctance to go for broke to improve the team next year, people see the potential for darker times ahead that will demand such accountability. In sports, that accountability when players fail on the field comes from the coach/manager or the GM. Given Charlie's age and the understanding that this will likely be his last season and the fact that the frustration at the moment has more to do with the makeup of the roster than its performance (I'm sure that will come once we're in May and Jimmy is popping up first pitches), Ruben is going to take that flak.

    I happen to be more optimistic about the outfield situation than those calling for Ruben's head, but I certainly understand the frustration.

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    So what now everybody's got to kiss ATeam's ring around here?
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    Haha from what I have been told whatever A-Team says is law. So i dont disagree with him

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