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    He is a tremendous big off the bench. He plays hard, he rebounds extremely well, and he can guard multiple positions.

    I'm sorry he can't shoot the 3 but you're just going to have to deal with it Mike. You better carve out some consistent minutes for this guy.

    -The trade Dwight stuff is ridiculous, btw.

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    Quote Originally Posted by THETENXU View Post
    Wow, trade howard posts now. Just wow.
    Dude, this forum is 65% deluded haters. What do you expect?

    The solution to every problem in America is to change the channel or pop another pill. Nobody actually learns anything any more.

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    I don't think he'll be moved (big man insurance) but I also don't think he'll get that much playing time unless certain situations occur (eg. foul trouble to both or either of our starting big men) or our rotation undergoes yet another drastic change.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GailGoodrich View Post
    If we get rid of Pau the season is a farce and our only goal is keeping D12.
    Pretty much.

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